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Building a product from start to finish is a challenge in itself but deciding the aesthetic and logo for an entire brand is something else all entirely. The goal is to stand out and I shuffled through multiple logo designs and tried to simplify a shape that's easily recognizable but always interesting.

A dual tone was created for dimension, but it is not an integral part of the logo.


The main focus of this project is the packaging, so I made tight sketches in raster and fully vectorised them for the final print. The sizing and colours went through lots of revisions but at the end three product concepts were made. UnCandy is UnCanny and so are the products that I've made to be cute, fun, and out of the box (while remaining in it). A solution to making my brand less rigid was the incorporation of hand lettering for the packaging. In the end, A product with that handmade touch, that helps keep it professional. 

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As an Illustrator, being able to visualize something and make it digital is important in our modern world. Sketches are an important part of my workflow and I spend a lot of time on deciding colours in that phase. For the final display, I faced the reverse challenge where I had to turn my digital work towards the physical world. I used mostly card stock paper and holographic paper for dimension. This part of the project was the most time consuming but making it as tidy as possible helps it achieving this professional look.

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