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oh, honey! branding


Oh Honey is a Honey brand where I highlighted simplicity, while giving users an option to make this an experience. The logo is a custom font and is also used in the form of a catch phrase throughout the products "Oh, Honey!"


This was the first draft. The elements were too overcrowded and although it works, It did not scream simplicity. Making the branding into a decal instead of a stick on paper would leave the honey showing through, thus showing the beautiful amber color. White text on dark background would work

I took out most of the information that I wanted on the back of the jar to a booklet instead. The booklet design is not far off of my first draft and I expanded into even more information I deemed useful


Cutting down which text to put on the jar proved a challenge. I went through so many different fonts to make sure the decal was s statement without being too overwhelming. The two main fonts are

DIN Condensed Bold for the headers

Ropa Mix Pro for the body text


Left Front & Right Front


The pop of color is mainly on the front side of the card for viewing purposes. The card is an important piece and should not be discarded. I took advantage of the tag line here as a hook.    

Left Back & Right Back


Typography and hierarchy was very important in the making of the right card. I made sure everything was in the right box along with all necessary information highlighted in bold. The design of the Manuka plant here changed.   




The Stickers were an integral part to this design. Adults love stickers too! I wanted the package itself to be simple so buyers can. stick these themselves onto the jar, or just for extra goodies. The illustrations center around the heart. 


The Mockups have the stickers placed on both the jar and box packaging. And the stickers come in a nice red envelope. This was a fun project to do and I hope to expand on this brand narrative soon.

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