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The color palette chosen is a flat color meant to compliment the simple black and white logo. If no color is to be used for print purposes, the red heart can be printed out grayscale or black. The secondary color will accompany the logo and help develop the brand but it may not over power the red. A ratio of 75% red to 25% green would be the most optimal. 

Eye Love Cake is a museum branding project developing a logo and design identity from start to finish. The main goal is develop an aesthetic cohesive enough that it translates to a mobile application. The target audience for this app is anyone who loves to bake sweets and desserts. This dating style app is meant to encourage users to try new desserts from all around the world based on their flavor profile and known preferences. 

The logo chosen at the end represents both an illustrative and graphic style to match the brand.

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 03.15.10.png

Below are the screenshots of the app along with some selected recipes. The simple color meant that a medium tone must be used so grey is optimized in a lot of the elements.


The mobile app utilizes two opposing design elements that create harmony when they accompany one another. The rounded edges of the shapes contrast with the sharp edges of Helvetica , the main font used. Accessibility is a main goal here, so text and icons were made clear and big, without many distractions

The movements of the prototype are not final and meant simply to showcase what the application could look like. Unlike most popular dating apps, the algorithm will play a bigger role in processing people's unique flavor profile and dietary restrictions, along with skill level to elevate one's baking skills.

Pop ups are a key element in encouraging viewers to try and explore new recipes. When opening the app, viewers will be directed to a stack of cards where they have the option to add the recipe card to the deck, decline, or put back in the deck. There is also an option to create a profile, and add filters based on food allergies.

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