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being and time
book cover

Untitled_Artwork 54.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 55.jpg

This book was a challenge, where I had to make a book cover for a book that was described as "boring". A book cover is meant to attract readers towards that first page so something eye catching is very important. I wanted to experiment with paper cutting so a limited colour palette was the way to go. Based on professional feedback, I decided to merge both sketches that I presented to make a more compelling image. Two book illustrations were also made to serve as bookmarks to pause between those gripping paragraphs. 

Untitled_Artwork 53.jpg

The merging of both sketches produced more eye catching imagery. The media used is mostly coloured card stock, paint, and embroidery. The mix of media gives the cover more personality and dimension. I purposefully added different layers to produce interesting shadows and emphasise the exsistentialism expressed in the book. 

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